The Ten Commitments

Hello again, Tony Smith, vice president of The Mike Ferry Organization, and I am back with you again today for another edition of Mike Ferry TV. Thanks for joining in. Listen, today we’re going to talk about something that we all know is very important. Commitment. You know, we look at our growth and our development and trying to establish a solid, strong, Real Estate career, create the foundation that we need for that career. There’s commitment involved, and your level of commitment often determines the speed of which and the amount of success you’re going to receive in the real estate industry. So I don’t know how often you are understanding yourself, how you behave and your approach to strengthening your commitment. But it is something that I think that we need to really recognize, not just now for your entire career. At what level are you committed to anything? You know, and we could do anything from prospecting to scripts improvement to, you know, showing up on time. You can literally isolate just about anything and decide your level of commitment. And we know if your level of commitment is clear up here, it’s more likely something you’re going to get done if you’re committed that, you know, I really don’t care or not you won’t have the the activity take place. So I’ll never forget this has been several years ago, Mike Ferry made this list of 10 commitments that we here at The Mike Ferry Organization believe you should have.

And he actually wrote a report on this that’s posted on our website. So if you want to go there, you can look under resources and reports and find this report. It’s called the Ten Commitments, OK, not commandments commitments. Right. And so these are the ten commitments that we really have you address in your real estate industry and just as a whole. If you think about these commitments, these commitments will definitely play a big supporting role in you improving your production and your profitability. So let’s look at these ten commitments, the 10 commitments. Number one, reading my business plan in depth every week, reading my business plan in depth every week. Now, we would all Mike Ferry especially would like you to be 100 percent committed to reading your business plan in depth every single week. Where do you stand today? Do you still have a plan? Is your plan in writing? Do you have a business plan that shoved in a desk drawer somewhere? Did you fail to commit a business plan this year? Right. If you don’t have a plan in writing, it’s pretty hard to read it every week, isn’t it? So maybe for some of you watching today, maybe you have to start a business plan. It’s OK. It really doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. What will you achieve from today through the rest of the year? Maybe it’s time.

Maybe you’re in a space where your business is way ahead of schedule. And here we are earlier in the year. Maybe you need to commit to a plan that is more transactions and more business and more income for this year. But the big one is reading your business plan in depth every single week. Boy, I’ll tell you, the agents that we work with that do this grow faster, they’re more connected. They obviously reinforce commitment, and they tend to produce more money. So where do you stand on that one? Number two. Commitments. The five equities, the five equities. Let’s write them down again. Your physical health. Physical health. Your mental health. Mental health, your spiritual health. Spiritual health, your family, your family. In your financial health. So we think about that physical, mental, spiritual, family and financial. We want you committed to goals in each of those areas. How committed are you to achieving something good or great in each of those five major areas of your life? We want your commitment to be really strong. Wrote a question down. Write one sentence goal to each of the above five equities. Do you have a clear understanding in each? What if you were to have a one sentence, clear cut goal in each of those five equities that whenever you read that sentence, it tells you exactly what you’re striving to do in that equity. Physical health, I want to get to a weight.

I want to lose 10 pounds and be under X weight. I want to have a blood pressure of Y and I want to be working out five times a week. I don’t know. But could you make a one sentence description of what your goal is in each of those equities? Now, that’s commitment. That’s commitment. Basically, what are you most committed to in each of those major areas of your life right now? OK, the third commitment, maintain a positive attitude every day. Maintain a positive attitude every day, are you committed to maintaining a positive attitude every day? Do you find yourself with some kind of negativity that hits you early on in the day and then you carry that negativity with you all day long? Do you have a problem file and you like to spend the whole day wallowing in the problem file? Or do you have a strong commitment to maintain a positive attitude all day long? You know, Earl Nightingale, it is one of the keys of success is the word attitude. What attitude do you carry all the time? What is your attitude? Attitude is a reflection of how we see somebody something and how we feel about somebody or something. What is your attitude about coming to work on time? What’s your attitude about practicing your scripts and skills every day? What is your attitude about prospecting? What is your attitude about strong, aggressive lead follow-up.? What is your attitude about presenting every single day? Boy, if you could maintain a positive attitude and have a commitment to that huge that changes many things in your productivity.

Number four, four commitments, we’re talking about commitments, commitment to following my schedule. Seventy five to 80 percent of the time. A strong commitment to following my daily schedule. Seventy five to 80 percent of the time. We didn’t say one hundred percent, you know, we know how many agents make the mistake of trying to be one hundred percent on their schedule, it’s pretty tough to do. If we could get you at seventy five or eighty percent of following your schedule every day, man, over the course of time, you know how much more productivity that is. What is your commitment to following your schedule? At least seventy five percent. Do you keep coming back when you fall off the wagon and you have a bad day on your schedule, do you come back the following day with a strong commitment? Will you go two or three or four or 10 days in a row without even thinking about your schedule? How would you grade your commitment in that area? I wrote down number five, keeping my personal life out of my business life. How strong is your commitment to keeping your personal life out of your business life? Hey, when you step into the business, do your sellers care about your personal life? Do your buyers care if you’re having a struggle at home with the kids? Does your seller really care if you had a fight with your wife or husband at home this morning? They don’t care.

Your clients do not care about your personal life. They care about the contract they have with you and the commitment to provide the service they’re asking for. So we’ve got to keep that out. How strong is your commitment? Do you tend to drag your personal life into business daily or do you keep a nice, solid line between the two? We know you’ll produce more if you keep that commitment. Six. Keeping my emotions between the lines. How strong are you committed daily to keeping your emotions between the lines? Do you let your emotions go clear up high and way down low? Right. What is that law that says with every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction? Well, that’s a physical law, right. But it’s kind of the truth, right? If you have super high, high, high off the chart highs, they might be matched by super low, low, low, low lows. Right. Do you fight to keep your emotions between the lines? We know the agents that succeed at that do better. What’s your commitment there? The next one developing my sales skills to the highest level. How committed are you today to developing your sales skills to the highest level possible? Does your commitment wane and does it go up and down? Does it ebb and flow? Are sometimes you’re committed, sometimes you’re not even paying attention to it? Boy, we know for a fact if you could maintain a strong commitment day in and day out to improving your sales skills.

Huge. OK, eights a big one. Eights a big one. How committed are you to working 40 to 50 hours of hard work per week? How committed are you? To working 40, 50 hours of hard work. Per week and I made a little note for two hundred and fifty days a year, so how committed are you? You want to turn in a really solid 40-hour work week of what we say work is? And I’m going to work two hundred and fifty days of aggressive work. Most agents, you know, they get one or two days of committed work out of them per week, and they work one hundred hundred and thirty five days a year. OK, if we can just get you to work. And what do I mean by working 40 hours a week. I put down prospecting daily. Prospecting daily. Lead follow-up. Lead follow-up. Going on presentations, going on presentations and negotiating contracts. That is work. How committed are you to 40 or 50 hours spending most of your time in those four areas? It’s that simple. OK, number nine, do what we tell you to do at Mike Ferry no exceptions.

How committed are you to following The Mike Ferry Sales System? The Mike Ferry Sales System was designed to take you from A to Z in your business. How committed are you committed to us until it gets uncomfortable? Are you committed until a shiny object comes floating by or a magic pill? How committed? We know the agents that commit to our system that commit. This is it. I’m following The Mike Ferry System they do so much better than following twenty-eight different leaders. OK, right to too much. How committed are you to one system? We ask you to commit and then number ten. Doing the right thing one hundred percent of the time for my customers. How committed are you to doing the right thing one hundred percent of the time for your customers? You know that customer service, how committed are you to exemplary customer service? Boy, if we could get you on a scale of one to 10, eight, nine or ten, if we could get you up there highly committed in these 10 areas, can you see how it might change the course of your business? We do. Go through this list, write it down, measure your commitment daily. Wouldn’t it be a great way to run your real estate business? We think so. So, thank you so much for your time. Thank you for another edition of Mike Ferry TV.