For more than 45 years Mike Ferry has been on the forefront of Real Estate Coaching and during that time has come across some exceptional professionals. Check back each month as we highlight one of the many agents and brokers who have become top producers under Mike’s guidance.

April 2018 Spotlight





Featured Real Estate Coaching Client: Curt Ware, Keller Williams Classic Group
By: Real Estate Coach Mitch Choboian, MFO

Curt came into my schedule in the later half of 2014. He is 27 years old and has been in the business since June of 2013. Curt’s business has grown every year since he joined Premier Coaching, both in closed deals and income. Last month he crossed the threshold of $1,000,000 gross commercial income (GCI)! He attributes his success to joining the Mike Ferry Organization’s Coaching. Let’s look at how he has accomplished this …

1. Curt is very driven. He takes his business very seriously. He strives to continuously learn and improve his skills.
2. He comes prepared to each Coaching Call.
a. He keeps his Numbers Analyzer updated so we can see what his accomplishments are and where he needs to focus.
b. He always has questions ready for me in order to get the most out of our time.
c. We always review what he did right and what he could have done better so he can learn what to do again or not … and he uses that information!
d. He always takes complete notes, reviews them after our calls and sends me a copy.
3. When we started working together, Curt was only calling one source of business, which is very common for new agents … but to grow his business, Curt knew he would have to go after other sources. Now he calls new Expireds, new For Sale By Owners, Past Clients, Centers of Influence and old Expireds. Each time we added a new source of business, we delved into Mike’s System for that source.
4. A strength of Curt’s is his ability to match Buyers with his listings and with properties that may not even be on the market … which he can then call and try to list.
5. We spend a tremendous amount of time working on his listing appointment to listings taken ratio. His ratio has improved from 27% in 2014 to 66% in 2017. This is something we continue to focus on every week.
6. Another of Curt’s great attributes is that even though he is very young, he is very mature about how he handles his business. He doesn’t let drama get in the way of his business.
7. He is honest about what he doesn’t know or if he didn’t complete his weekly assignment. He doesn’t let his ego hold him back.
8. Curt also works with mentors, has role play partners and works with Mastermind Groups to continuously improve his skills over the phone.

By following The Mike Ferry Sales System and taking full advantage of his Coaching Calls, Curt has driven his business to higher levels. There is no doubt in my mind that Curt will be a 200+ deal a year producer and it is time to focus on $2,000,000 GCI!


March 2018 Spotlight





Featured Real Estate Coaching Client: Gay-Lynn Barnes, Barnes CRE Group
By: Real Estate Coach Linda Holmes, MFO

I started coaching with Gay-Lynn several years ago. Gay-Lynn is a talented agent and was selling more than 25 homes a year. She had a successful Real Estate business but was working extremely long hours for the results she was getting. She was also concerned about how much of her hard-earned income she was actually bringing home to her family. Gay-Lynn was spending seven days a week working with a lot of Buyers, putting lots of miles on her car and late nights and weekends away from her family. Her Buyer business was coming from internet referrals that were cutting into her profits because of the referral fees she had to pay for those leads.

Gay-Lynn is a smart and experienced agent who wanted to become more efficient and more profitable and also be able to spend more time with her family all while contributing to improve the Real Estate community. Her Past Clients appreciated her but she wasn’t asking for repeat business. The amount of time she was spending to close a sale with new Buyers was four times what it took for her to be the Listing Agent.