A Successful Real Estate Agents Blueprint – Part 1

Welcome back, good morning to Mike Ferry TV the week of May, 31st five months down and whats it give us seven months to go. I’m hearing all sorts of strange things about the real estate market today. And I want to reassure you, the market seems to be just fine. I’ve talked to a couple of the big mortgage companies that are the people running the big mortgage companies, and they’re saying there’s a lot of stability as far as they’re concerned. Listings are selling quickly. Prices are still on the rise. And I think, as I’ve said before, towards the end of this year, we should see a little more normalcy in the market, meaning more sellers coming into the market than we’ve seen in the past. So as I mentioned last week to you, I said to you that at our Superstar Retreat, I’m going to be going through twenty five, what I call blueprint’s. And it’s so much fun for me. One of the things that Mike Vance and Gunther Klaus taught me as I was growing my business and learning how to be in business. Was the fact that if you’re good at what you do, which so many of you are, everybody’s going to watch what you do and they’re eventually going to take what you do and copy that. And I’m used to that. Mike Vance’s theory was you have to learn to create ideas faster than your competition can take them and use them as if they were your own.

But his exact words were, you have to learn to trade faster than the competition could steal. We have six hundred probably competitors today in the real estate market in North America. And quite honestly, it seems that a good portion of what’s being taught originated at The Mike Ferry Organization. One of those who, of course, is the word blueprint. We started using that in early 2013. And of course today we see multiple speakers saying that they’ve created the blueprint for success. But I kind of interesting, I pulled out my notes from a call that I had with the wonderful Agent Ricardo from Arizona, who many of you have met through our retreats, very successful young lady. And I asked her a very simple question, and I’ve got it written down. Can you lay out a step by step blueprint on how you built your business? I asked her that question and she said, well, I think so. I said, well, you know, type it out, send it to me. I’d like to see what steps you followed. At the retreat i’m going to go through 25 of these different blueprints from high level productive agents that have accomplished some incredible things that I think every one of us that are watching Mike Ferry TV can accomplish also.

So I wrote a sentence in these notes that I did, and this was from again, I think it was April, May 2013. So that was now, what, seven, eight years ago. I wrote Every business, every building needs a blueprint before we can even start the foundation once the foundation is in place so we can start building the structure itself. Well, Real Estate is exactly the same. You need to have a foundation to build your business, and that’s the skills, the scripts, the dialogs, the confidence that every agent needs. But then in addition to that, before you could ever lay that foundation down, you need a blueprint. And if you’ve ever watched anybody build a building, they will have probably the blueprints are about this this place, about this thick, and you’ll see the contractors flipping through and giving orders to what has to be done. So I asked Valerie to give me a copy of her blueprint. I want to share it with you today. Step by step, what she did to build her business to the level she has today. And it’s interesting because I hadn’t seen this particular blueprint probably for four or five years when I pulled it out of our out of our files. So here’s the first thing. She letterer them. So letter A, I accepted the attitude. The prospecting is fun because I know what to say.

And it’s interesting when you know what to say, how much difference your attitude is in any experience that you have. Letter B i’ve internalized all the scripts so they are literally part of who I am. When I asked her about that, she said, well, it doesn’t sound like Mike Ferry, it sounds like Ricardo because I took the words that you suggest we use and I’ve internalized them and made him part of who I am. Letter C on the days things don’t go well. We all have days like that. I practiced blind faith, but what I’m being asked to do by The Mike Ferry Organization is going to work. Because it does work and it will work for you if you continue to do it. Understanding, you’re going to have days that are not as exciting as others as you build a business, nobody is perfect. Nobody does everything right. Everybody has stumbling blocks in the process of taking listings and making a sales. Letter D I’ve created a very strict schedule for myself and discovered the tighter the schedule, the more freedom I have. You know, I’ve said to so many of you, why are you working twenty four, seven? I mean doesn’t even make sense? There has to be more to life than that. And then, of course, I say to agents and I used to say this in the 70s, 80s and 90s all the time, why don’t you take days off? Because I feel guilty.

Why do you feel guilty? I don’t know. Or you feel guilty because you did work on your days on. Therefore, you have to work on your days off a strict schedule. Letter E, every day I remind myself that I’m not too busy to do my job. That I’m not too busy to do my job. Isn’t that interesting, because we had so wrapped up in the details and with our cell phones or with our iPads and our computers and and all the stuff that we do, we forget to do the job, which is spend all of your time looking for a listing or making a sale. Letter F, you’ll like this one, Mike forced me to make decisions faster. As what was a good lead, a bad lead, a great potential listing or a bad potential listing. You know, you can’t sit there and contemplate and contemplate and contemplate either the lead has value or the lead doesn’t have value. And it’s always going to be one or the other. And either that listing that you’re going on is a valid potential listing. You may not get it, but at least it has a valid potential for you or it has no potential at all. Pre-qualify to find out the difference Letter G, i keep looking for exposure to agents to do more than I do, and I’m always learning from them.

Probably one of the greatest advantages, if you choose to get involved with The Mike Ferry Organization at any level. Is the exposure to all the people that are good, solid, professional, sales oriented agents that we can share ideas with learn from. Or as Gunther Klaus you to say to me all the time, you spend time with people you can learn from, teach, enjoy and profit with. You spend time with you, you can learn from, teach, enjoy and profit with. Pretty good formula. Letter H starting on day one with The Mike Ferry Organization, I made the decision to do whatever my coach tells me without questioning what they tell me. Isn’t that interesting? OK, watch, We have seminars, workshops, retreats, academies, we have coaching. We have adapt. We’ve got so many things for you to participate in. And the truth is, if you watch, you listen, you learn. Why would you question it? I mean, I’ve said for years, do you think I’m actually going to try to purposely give you advice to hurt you? Well, Mike, but I don’t like when you tell me that I have to pick up the phone and call a past client. Sometimes it’s a hard conversation, but it’s not designed to hurt you. It’s designed to help you. Re-establish the relationship, build the relationship, get referrals. Letter I, every year I challenge myself to raise the bar as to what my productivity can become.

Isn’t that interesting, keep setting higher standards for yourself. Letter J, starting on day one of accepted high levels of accountability as Mike constantly challenges me to be the best I can be. Folks, accountability is either internal or external. It’s like the word motivation. Motivation is internal. I want to do something I want to achieve. External, of course, is fun and exciting. When somebody throws a great idea or you see a great motivational speaker, you read a great book, you have a great conversation. But motivation is internal, accountability is internal. And then the last point on her blueprint, which I thought was an excellent point, I’m constantly looking at the top 10 points that are just Listed to keep my business growing. So it’s a matter of constantly reminding yourself of what you have to do. Pro football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf. University of the same thing, the people on the swimming team, the volleyball team, they spend all their time practicing and rehearsing very basic fundamentals. Oh, yeah, they’re going to have a new play now and then and you have your watch, a pro football team once every maybe seven or eight games, they’ll be a trick play tried. And the fans love it if it works and they boo the coach of a doesn’t and know if there’s a fumble or an interception that doesn’t work

right. See, the truth is, 99 percent of what happens to professionals is static. It’s the same. It’s practiced, rehearsed, it’s learned and it becomes internalized to them. It’s automatic. And that’s, of course, what we’re trying to help each of you do, become automatic in the fact that you know what to say, what to do. Because remember, as I’ve always said, if you know what to say and you know what to do, you can do what you’re supposed to do. But if you don’t know what to say and you don’t know what to do, it’s very hard to do every day what you’re supposed to do, which is why there’s so much frustration and turnover in our business. Watch. There’s no such thing as a victim in Real Estate meaning an agent. The only thing that is a victim is the lack of taking the time to learn what to say and what to do. So you can have the confidence to go out and be the kind of person you want to be. We can help you make that happen. Hope to see you at the Superstar Retreat in July. Go online register if you think it’s the right thing for you. It’s a live event. It’s going to be exciting. See you then. Twenty five more blueprints waiting for you. Talk to you next week.