12 Reasons You Need To Make A 90 Day Real Estate Business Plan

The Power of a 90 Day Cycle For Planning Your Real Estate Business

You know, in my own personal career, the power of a 90-day real estate business plan cycle has shown itself several times, but beyond that we have physical fitness gurus, Rockefeller, Jobs, Gates, Buffet … all have expressed an interest and shown how a 90-day cycle can really affect your business.

Of course, our mentor Mike Ferry, has taken this on as well. In fact, we have a program called 90 Days With Mike so there is a lot of power in controlling your business over a 90-day window. I wanted to give you a few points of how you can take full advantage of a 90 day real estate business plan.

The beautiful part is this time of year, think about it, 90 days is September, October, November and then December, right? It runs us right to the end of the year, what a beautiful thing to do. Wouldn’t you love to have one really aggressive, very pure 90-day cycle between now and the end of the year? I think it’d be great!

So here are 12 points you might want to consider if you want to have a great 90-day cycle:

Write Down Your 90-Day Real Estate Business Plan Goals

1. You have to decide your goals clearly, specifically and put them in writing. You really have to decide what you will accomplish over 90 days. You have to put it in writing. Tell your family about it. It’s very common that real estate agents will set goals and they won’t tell anybody. They keep it a secret. It’s kind of like, “I don’t want to fail so if I don’t hit it, nobody knows.” Well the truth is if you want to have a great 90-day cycle, you have to set goals and tell everyone about it

Make A Decision About When You Will Work During Your 90 Day Plan

2. You need to decide the exact days you’re going to work within these 90 days. Be clear about it if you’re off on a holiday, a three-day weekend, a birthday. It’s okay. The problem with many agents is the days kind of sneak up on them, so you need to decide the exact days you’re going to work over this 90-day cycle. Be clear about it. Once again, tell everybody the days you’re going to work.

Prepare Your Call Sheets And Get Excited

3. Go ahead and prepare all of the numbers for you past clients and centers of influence and decide what you’re going to say to them. The magic of a 90-day cycle is we’re supposed to talk to everyone in our database every 90 days anyway. I think it’s time, so go ahead and prepare all those numbers and decide what the message you want to deliver is to those folks for the next 90 days.

Every 90 Days, Cleanse Your Database

4. Clean up all of your leads. It’s not uncommon for an agent to let leads pile up throughout the year. If you want to have a great 90-day cycle, you can’t go into the cycle with a whole pile of leads. Clean them up, take a day, call them all, convert them, and then throw them away.

Devise A Rating And Sales Plan For Each Of Your Listings

5. Rate all of your existing inventory. One of the beautiful things of having an incredible 90-day cycle is selling all of your listings in that window of time. So what if you were to take each listing you have and make a little mini plan for it. What if you were to decide and rate it on its condition? Rate it on its location? Price? And then, make a little mini plan to sell every listing you have. It would be an awesome way to do it.

Schedule Your Overtime Days And Hold Yourself Accountable

6. Decide the evenings and weekends that you plan on working for that extra effort over the next 90 days. I’m going to work two Saturdays a month, or I’m going to work one evening a week. Make a decision how that’s going to take place, when it’s going to happen and tell everyone about it. Hold yourself accountable or get a coach! Put it in your schedule.

For Your 90 Day Real Estate Business Plan Make A List Of Calls And Contacts

7. You have to prepare a majority of the phone numbers you’re going to call for the next 90 days. If you’re not prepared in advance, you’ll run out of phone numbers and you’ll go back to your old pattern. I’m suggesting you prepare about 70 percent of the phone numbers you’re going to need to call over this 90 day window. Your database, the just listed/just solds, old expireds, and then what we do is we just add on top those new sources of expireds and fsbos that way you won’t fail in 90 days by lack of preparedness.

Post Your 90 Day Business Plan Goals Where You Can See Them

8. Post your goals everywhere. There’s nothing more valuable than having your goals up in front of you in the office. Maybe you tape them on the mirror in the bathroom at home, or you give them to your kids or you give them to your broker. I don’t know, but I want everywhere you turn for you to see your goals. Maybe you put them on a 3×5 card and put them in your jacket or purse and carry them with you everywhere you go for the 90 days.

Set Up Your Accountability System

9. Set up some really extreme accountability. Call these accountability partners you have and recommit. Let them know you don’t want to be let off the hook for this 90 day window of productivity. Reset those accountabilities, it’s not that hard to do. Take control of how you’re held accountable.

Dedicate Time Daily To Improving Your Skills

10. Make a specific skills-improvement plan. There’s nothing more powerful than you deciding specifically what skills you’re going to improve on over 90 days and how you’re going to do it. Maybe you’re going to work one objection handler a week, or you’re going to do one script and one objection handler a week or an hour each morning on scripts and skills and an hour each afternoon on your listing presentation. I don’t know. One thing I do know is agents that are aggressively working on their skills tend to always do more business at the same time so get your skills-improvement set.

Stay Committed To The 90 Day Business Plan Process No Matter What

11. Don’t give up when you have a bad day or two. One of the challenges with a 90-day plan is that many agents will get head into the plan, they’ll be cruising a long, and all of a sudden a hiccup. Would you ever expect 90 days would go by without a single bump in the road, or a curveball? Of course not, the challenge is if you know how to pick yourself up and recommit to the plan when you’ve had a bad day or two so you’ve got to find a way to recommit when things go hay-wire. You could always just sign up for 90 days with Mike. That’s a simpler way, right?

Don’t Only Set Goals, Choose A Reward!

12. Why not decide on a big reward? you deserve a big reward for completing 90 day real estate business plan. Maybe it’s a getaway vacation, or a new watch or a piece of art for your house. Decide on a nice reward for doing your job right. If you complete one 90-day cycle like you’re supposed to between now and the end of the year, how good is this year going to wrap up?

Better yet, how good is the start of 2019 going to be? You know it. I know it. It’s the right thing to do. Go ahead, and let’s get started today.

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